The economic recession of 2008 was tough on the construction industry, which is still attempting to rebound, but that doesn’t mean the demand for welding services has dropped. In fact, the need for professionally trained welders is growing, especially as the country’s energy industry goes.

Pipe welders are in high demand across the country and the natural gas and oil industry continues to grow. The need to transport natural gas and oil from offshore and land wells means there is a need for pipes. And that means there is a need for workers who can help assemble the infrastructure needed to transport fuel.

ArcPro owner Joe Johnson recently told Fox10 News in Alabama that welding, especially for the construction of pipes, is a growing industry in America.

“It is taking more skilled employees to get jobs these days,” Johnson said. “As long as the oil industry’s selling oil, piping will be in business.”

At the Advanced Career Institute students can learn the necessary skills to obtain American Welding Society (AWS) welder performance certifications. With the growing demand for welding services, professionally trained welders and finding that the job market is strong for their services.

The variety of welding jobs across America dictate that welders have to be able to adapt to different job projects and understand the different skills and safety measures required. The Advanced Career Institutes Welding Technology program not only prepares students for AWS certification, but trains students in site safety practices, blue print reading, construction match and many other skills that will put students at the front of the line for employment in the growing welding industry.